Palm Jaggery

More Natural Than Organic Jaggery: Farmers of south india who are related with Quality and Organics an exceptional cycle is followed were the best assortment of Palm jaggery is made, as the form we have of palm jaggery is just accessible with our ranchers.

  • Karupatti( Palm Jaggery or Pana Vellam) Thatti bella, Dark chocolate bella is made with natural fixings without adding any additives and synthetics.
  • This can be utilized as a sugar elective as this contains great sustenance, fiber, and Sucrose and gives great Energy.
  • It seems dark in shading and is gotten in block structures. This is produced using the concentrate of Palm Tree that is from the sap of the tree. The jaggery produced using the date is known as Palm Jaggery.
  • Karupatti is improved with iron and some fundamental supplements like magnesium and potassium. Karupatti with spices is a brilliant home    solution for increment invulnerability and battle cold hack and stomach        related problems.
  • Ideal to improve the flavor of curcuma latte, masala chai, and so on, contain lower Gl, Vitamins, zinc, iron, and potassium are sent normally in    the palm syrup.
  • It tends to be utilized to make confections, toffees, jaggery cakes and numerous other sweet dishes. Karupatti has more healthy benefit than sugar.
  • This is plentiful in nutrient B complex, calcium and furthermore the wellspring of ascorbic corrosive. Karupatti is Popularly utilized in the    southern states particularly in South Indian states
  • Palm Jaggery is crude and doesn’t contain any engineered added substances and additives.

Cycle Of Manufacturing:

Palm drink from mature palm trees is bubbled and set by adding an inherent substance which expands calcium content.


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