Mountain Honey



  • Our Mountain honey has a typical honey bee dust content and wealthy in mitigating, antibacterial properties.


  • optimal use : Fights against contaminations and sicknesses of respiratory organs | recuperates diseases and illnesses of urinary entries | Increases         insusceptibility.


  • Morally obtained – The Natures Way Mountain Honey is by honey bees        that feed only on the nectar of normal spices and uncommon blossoms    during brief period Jun – July in Ladhak (UT) valley.


  • Honey flavor and shading fluctuates relying upon the blossoms visited by the bumble bees. Honey shading will change between various clusters in a similar assortment of honey too. shading will in general obscure as the    seasons progress and temperature.


  • We separate honey assortments via season and area, so the honey you get comes directly from the apiaries, with the remarkable flavors and smell          of each bloom nectar caught in the container. We just joins forces with    beekeepers who share our vision to secure and deal with honey bees and    their hives so you can be sure you are purchasing a certified legitimate     honey. We trust you partake in our honey!




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