Dry-red-chilly powder

WITH PREMIUM QUALITY INGREDIENTS – With no additional fake tones, flavors, added substances or additives, hand beat produced using all normal and premium-quality fixings that will make your food more classy and tasty. The item being 100% natural isn’t totally smooth and has a somewhat grainy feel to it.


One of a kind Flavor – Red Chilly powder doesn’t make them inhale fire as a fire winged serpent yet gives you barely enough punch for taste and dynamic red tone to the dish. Claim to fame of our red crisp powder is its smoked before beat and one might require less Sambar Powder smokiness that will not overwhelm your food. Ideal decision for your Indian cooking styles

Incredible FOR YOUR HEALTH – Rich in cell reinforcements and different mixtures makes this natural flavor rich with a ton of medical advantages.

WHAT YOU NEED IN YOUR KITCHEN – If you are searching for a real Indian fiery taste, then, at that point, this Quality and Organics is the most proper one. Utilized in different zest mixes, sauces, and fixings, it is an ideal fiery expansion to bean stew, salsas, sauces, meat, or to brighten up spiced eggs, or sprinkle some over plunges.

100% ORGANIC AND NATURAL – Botanically called Capsicum annuum is additionally referred to by different names, for example, bean stew pepper, sweet pepper, or chime pepper. It has no salt, contains no additives, has no fake synthetic compounds, doesn’t contain any additives, and has just a single fixing – dried red chilies ground.


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