Desert honey

Uncommon and EXCLUSIVE: Desert Honey is made by honey bees from the nector of tree blossoms of the desert locale like khejdi, keekar, sheesham and so on which are restrictive to Rajasthan. These trees are found in bounty in tranquil and contamination free locale of Rajasthan. It is in this locale that the honey bee provinces are put during blossoming season. This uncommon mix has high therapeutic qualities and best wellbeing tonic for invulnerability.



  • Our Honey is gathered from a different cluster of local desert blossoms. The remarkable plant populaces of the Indian Desert make.


  • these are gathered in tree husks of antiquated custom technique which are especially chosen and kept in line strategy.


  • Crude Honey is notable for its recuperating credits, including regular antibacterial properties, stomach related advantages, just as giving     nutrients, minerals, catalysts, and cancer prevention agents
  • Incredible consideration is taken to guarantee the strength of the honey bees. They are not presented to pesticides, and anti-microbials are rarely    utilized.



  • Genuine HONEY :Do you realize that taste, flavor and surface of honey changes inferable from the season, district and blossoms where the honey bees attacks? why the honey from the general stores tastes and scents a similar whole year? Since the honey by large brands is profoundly handled and ultra-separated to normalize its taste, surface and flavor. In any case, in this cycle every one of the catalysts and supplements gets annihilated making it a sugar syrup. Crude honey is the genuine honey. Our honey is crude and stuffed straightforwardly from bee colonies.


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